Thursday, March 6, 2008

Survey USA 50 state survey

I'll mostly let the graphs speak for themselves, but two points:
  • SurveyUSA has been very accurate so far this year
  • Obama has to work on PA, WV, MI, and NJ. I think he could close that gap once he's the nominee

Hillary vs. McCain:

Obama vs. McCain


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Shane said...

Hey, mkaplan, I've noticed that at this point it is almost mathmatically impossible for Clinton to get the nomination. I'd like to see you do a post, taking the position of devil's advocate, and determine what she would have to do to win at this point. I.E. win the rest of primaries by 60% then get 60% of superdelagates, etc. And to what extent if any rerun races in FL, and MI would help (I don't think they would help beacause if he campaigned there his numbers would go up and proportional delagte representation would create a split in delagates).

thanks Shane